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Dark Lips

Are you worried about Rid of Dark Lips? Soft and pink lips are the wish of a human being. But sometimes, it gets rough and starts to get black with time. There are various reasons for darkening the lips. Hyperpigmentation is how your skin area changes its color and starts to look different from the whole skin. Hyperpigmentation causes various reasons, which include.

Get Rid of Dark Lips Solution:

  1. Sun burning
  2. Smoking and Tobacco habits
  3. Serious medical illness
  4. High dose or different medications
  5. Expecting baby

Dark Lips

Rid of Dark Lips can be due to Smoking. Suppose you are fed up with the dark lips and want to work on them. Do must read these articles. It will surely help you to get rid of this problem. Lips look dull and ugly due to dry skin sometimes. Some home remedies are given below to lighten up your lips:


Scrubbing is the most effective procedure to get rid of the dead skin on the lips. Use 1tbps honey with 1tbps sugar, rub this mixture on your lips in circular motion gently, and then rinse out from the lukewarm this method once a week.

Oil massage

Massage is the most relaxing therapy for all body parts; take almond oil or coconut and massage your lips a few times a day. You will see the result in two or three days.

Be hydrated and use lip balm.

Due to dehydration, back lips occur; keep hydrated yourself and take a full eight glasses of water in a day. Use lip balm and Vaseline regularly, especially in winters.