Question: Fulkerson Osteotomy…is it infected?

I had a fulkerson osteotomy done a month ago know does my incision look infected? it really hurts and is still openfulkerson osteotomy

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  1. it is infected to some extent..seems superficial. drain out whatever fluid/ discharge comes out of it. take higher antibiotics, anti inflammatory tablets, apply mupirocin cream daily

  2. Thank you my orthopedic said that it wasnt infected and i had a feeling it was i greatly appreciate it!

  3. any operating surgeon wont accept easily, that his operated wound is infected. as i told you, its a good sign that the wound has some open points through which any remaining bacteria or fluid can come out. Unless all of the wound is completely devoid of organisms, it wont close completely. Thats the way nature heals it

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