Food Quality Things

Quality is about what the products are. It occurs when the product meets the requirement and specifications. Quality depends on what customer needs or what the manufacturer is providing to its consumers. There is no specific definition of quality, but it can be associate with terms like satisfaction, effectiveness, and trust or elaborate by the providers. in the term of food quality can be measure as per:

  • Manufacture based: which means the manufacturer defined the standards and specification of quality, so, during manufacturing, manufacturers need to meet the requirements to produce better quality.
  • User-based: in this user, describe the quality definition, which further researchers said as user-based or fitness to use the product.
  • Value-based: it means the price of the product can define quality. The quality provided with an acceptable amount
  • A product based means the features and attributes increase product quality.

Features and attributes of Food Quality

According to the Act 1990 of Food Safety, Food quality is adopted, including both internal and external factors like taste, texture, appearance, etc. Some most common and significant attributes of food quality are:

  • Appearances like color, shape, and texture
  • Flavor smell and taste
  • Authentic labeling, like ingredients, information about manufacturers, and nutrition
  • Packaging and sealed properly
  • Proper ingredients maintained


Food quality is an essential aspect of a food handling environment. It will help your customer keep healthy and avail your product without hesitation; it keeps you safe from tragedies and claims and safe your image alive in the market. Quality helps you to grow in the market.