Question: Felt a stinging pain then a sharp pain…fang marks

Felt a stinging pain then a sharp pain and later seen a red bump it’s hard in the center were there are 2 little fang marks . I’m sure it was a spider that bit me but was it poisonous and/or should I go to the emergency room


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  1. Seems to be a spider bit. . Spider bites are superficial and affect the top layers of the skin. 99.9% of spider toxins are not dangerous (dangerous spiders exist but are rare) Put ice or anti itch cream on it and see what happens. If condition persists or gets worse see a dermatologist.

  2. it does seem to be a spider bite, but any insect bites can caue such rash.
    if you do not have any systemic effects, then there is nothing to worry. take anti histamine tablets,local creams should help.
    if you get any systemic effects like headache,vomitting,weakness, nausea.. consult a physician

  3. Mix baking soda with water, put paste on bite. Does wonder to remove venom reduce pain and swelling.

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