Experiencing loud noises in ears after major heart surgery?

My husband had major heart surgery 12months ago, it was 2 replaced valves, 1 repaired valve and 2 double bypasses. His left ventricle failed during the operation causing major problems with 2 litres of blood having to be removed from his cavity 3 -4 days after the operation. His heart is presently operating at 34%. Tablets include Warfarin and Atacan among others. His INR is 3, now reduction of warfarin in place to bring it back to 2.5.
Current problem is : he is experiencing loud noises in his ears of rushing water? Is this a concern considering what he has been through???


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2 Comments on “Experiencing loud noises in ears after major heart surgery?

  1. Hi..
    It can be a side effect of certain medications or can be due to shooting of blood pressure..
    So get monitored..
    Once the cause is ruled out then only it can be eliminated or treated to relieve the symptoms..


  2. Hi..
    You should also once get ear examination done to rule out any fluid build up or eustachian tube related problems..

    Hope this helps..

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