Effect of Isopropyl alcohol in gastrointestinal tract?

What if you left isopropyl alcohol in an enema bag and went on with the coffee enema? Would all your organs die once you anally put it in your body? im doing it for research but cant find anything on it. i know the isopropyl is really bad to inhale and ingest in the mouth but what about the other end because enema’s miss the liver and the throat and you cant throw up because of it?

Age: 21
Medications: no
General Information: doctors couldn’t tell me anything really detailed. i just want to know the answer!!!!!!!!! im a book author 🙂

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  1. In fact, the hemorrhoidal vein which is located in the anal canal would pass some of the isopropyl alcohol to the liver. Depending on the quantity of isopropyl alcohol, there would be some kind of liver damage. If repetitive, maybe serious damage. Depending on the quantity of isopropyl alcohol: Chemical colitis would probably be one of the consequences as a result of toxin exposure. Also a number of nerve terminals connected to colon would be affected, Ph balance would be affected – as well as mucosa function may be impaired. Isopropyl alcohol can also leak out of the colon if it is perforated or damaged. Difficult to say how all of this would result in.

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