Does Heat Kills CoronaVirus? Introduced to Prevent Covid’19

Does heat kill coronavirus?

From the beginning of the year 2020, the pandemic wave occurs known as Covid’19 or coronavirus. With passing time thousands of cases got registered in the name of covid’19. It becomes the highlight of every newspaper and news channel of every country. Moreover, where thousands of symptoms explore by scientists, and various kinds of myths introduced to prevent Covid’19, like to use warm water, exercise regularly, it only affects older people, etc. But in these all myths, the most common people believe that high temperature or heat can kill the coronavirus. Is it true?

Let’s have a look at this myth.

Does Heat Kills Corona Virus?

Temperature effect virus or not?

At the start of the covid’19 wave, doctors stated that high temperature or heat could kill the symptoms of viruses like other viruses, but it seems no effect in summer, but after some passage of time. It gets noticed that Iran and Australia’s covid’19 spread more rapidly than other countries. Even though they have a warm atmosphere. So every virus and pandemics are different from one another; just to protect yourself and your surroundings, take SOPs seriously where needed and avoid crowded places to avoid emergencies.

No specific treatment still prevents covid’19; if you want to prevent yourself from coronavirus, you need to stay at home, avoid public places, keep clean your surroundings, and isolate yourself if you feel temperature or any symptoms. Or if you are facing any serious, so go and take quick medication according to the doctor’s recommendation.