Doctor says I should remove my gallbladder, need second opinion?

So I’ve been having stomach pain across my abdomen, especially when my stomach is empty. My belly also twitches but I’m guessing that’s what happens after giving birth. I’ve been taking anti acids that the Dr prescribed and it feels a little better. They did an ultrasound on my gallbladder to see if that’s an issue and there was minimal sludge but not significant. They’re saying that I should remove my gallbladder anyways. But what if it’s just an ulcer or h pylori? Shouldn’t I concentrate on trying to cure that before heading into surgery? I’m very poor and can’t afford such a procedure. Is it necessary?

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  1. Hi
    I do not see why they wana perform this surgery, in my opinion you are right it is just an ulcer due to h. Pylori
    Good luck

  2. hi,
    you are right.
    A surgery just for minimal sludge is absolutely unnecessary.
    It will cause more harm than benefits.
    Instead get ur gastritis and H pylori cured by medicines.
    get a repeat usg after 3 weeks.

  3. In my opinion you should not go with surgery unless sludge causes symptoms while your symptoms are not from them..and it is mostly a stomach issue ,so do a h.pylori test ,get its treatment and avoid fat in food,stay on alkaline low fat will be fine then.

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, you does not need to get Surgery done..
    You can very well get it treated with medication and get repeated follow-ups every after 15 days..

    Hope this helps..

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