Do I need a Saline Ultrasound with a 14 mm polyp?

Do I have to do Saline Ultrasound if my transvaginal results (this ultrasound was done on cycle day 13) said “possible 14 mm polyp, repeat cycle day 5-10. If persistent do sonohysterogram”. I just did my repeat regular transvaginal ultrasound at cycle day 8. I hope it comes back fine. I do not want to do Saline ultrasound at all.

If these second results come back fine. Am I okay not to do the Saline ultrasound?

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  1. Hi
    My opinion If it comes back fine u will still have to repeat at least once more next month
    Good Luck

  2. Hi,
    To be safe ,you can repeat the regular one the next time and if it cane back normal then you do not need anu further ..

  3. Hi..
    Saline hysterectomy can give you an appropriate idea..
    So I would suggest you to get it done to rule out the exact status as the polyp of 14 mm should be evaluated precisely..


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