Do I have diabetes type 2 or sensory neuropoathy?

Hello for a couple of months now my fingertips have been feeling numb, at first i thought it might be diabetes type 2 , but i had myself tested and it was negative for diabetes 2 and everything on my test was fine.I did some research and think i might have sensory neuropathy, my general pediatrician recommended injection but when i researched i read that it is just for pain. My question is would the injections stop the numbness too? and is there anything i can do for temporary relieve before i see a specialist? Thank you


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2 Comments on “Do I have diabetes type 2 or sensory neuropoathy?

  1. Hi..
    Numbness of finger tips can be due to conditions like Peripheral neuropathy, vascular disease, alcohol abuse, stroke, multiple sclerosis etc..
    So my suggestion is to get it thoroughly evaluated by a Neurophysician and an MRI SCAN and blood test can be done for further diagnosis..

    Hope this helps..

  2. Hi..
    It can also be due to any pinched nerves or carpel tunnel syndrome..
    So to narrow down the cause a thorough examination is a must..


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