Difficulty inhaling through nostril, is it a deviated septum from nasal fracture?

On Monday, Nov 20th, I woke up and stood up out of bed to stretch. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor. I typically run slightly hypotensive and must’ve created some kind of pressure change internally during the stretch. I fainted and fell onto the floor. Thankfully, I did not lose consciousness after hitting the floor and was not alone. My nose, although extremely painful and lacerated, was not deformed. My bf (an EMT) and I (nursing student) assessed the situation and deemed it necessary to seek medical attention at the time (4hr drive away from vacation location). Within a few hours, nasal swelling and facial bruising around and under the eyes became apparent. Although the pain has slightly subsided 6 days later, and the bruising is less, I am now experiencing difficulty inhaling through one of my nares. I am wondering if this is from internal swelling from the trauma done to the soft tissue or if I may have a deviated septum without an external deformity from an unconfirmed nasal fracture?

Age: 28
Medications: Multi-vitamin daily, 220mg venlafaxine daily
General Information: Past Medical Hx:
Major depressive disorder (controled)
No Smoking
No drinking
No illicit drug use
Other Symptoms:bouts of dizziness (sitting and standing)
Headache, nasal pain, difficulty breathing through R nare

4 Comments on “Difficulty inhaling through nostril, is it a deviated septum from nasal fracture?

  1. Hi,
    In my opinion you may be having nasal septal defect that has shown up by this injury anyway to be sure it is better to get a CT done .
    I do not think the swelling alone can cause this breathing difficulty.

  2. Hi
    My opinion this is a nasal septal undisplaced fracture , I recommend CT scan to make sure it is undisplaced otherwise you will need surgical repair
    Good Luck

  3. Hi..
    It looks like nasal septum defect caused due to injury..
    So an x ray or CT scan should be done for confirmation..


  4. Hi since there’s history of injury /trauma it seems your symptoms are related to it.Get a Ct scan done to detect the appropriate cause.Get back with test results. Take care!

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