Did I have a miscarriage or is it a normal period?


Im a 25 year old and I had my period which began last Monday and normally lasts around 4 days. by Friday it was completely gone and I only had that small amount of brown blood .. I had severe lower back pain this whole time. period is always painful so didn’t think too much of it, however on Monday I went to the bathroom and there was a bloodclot the size of a pea. It was bright red surrounded by a minimal amount of blood.
I had nausea around my ovulation window and was throwing up for 2 days which I assumed was a stomach bug. I also had extremely swollen breasts which are common to me when my period is coming,, however this time my nipples were sickly sore and my breasts had large blue veins.

does this sound like a miscarriage or just a period?

thank you
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  1. Hi,
    My opinion this is just a period but a hard one, if these things returned next month, then you should consider seeing your doctor.

  2. Hi..
    Looks like period only..
    In case if the symptoms recur in the next cycle or bleeding is very heavy consult a Gynaecologist and get evaluated..
    A sonography can be done for confirmation..


  3. Hi
    I believe it is just a period, however pregnancy test can still be positive 3 weeks after abortion
    So you have a chance to know the truth 100% in the 3 weeks window
    Good Luck

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