Diagnosed with bronchitis 5 days ago, I feel short of breath and my heart starts racing?

51 yr old female diagnosed with bronchitis 5 days ago. Taking amoxicillin, tessalon perles, Proair inhaler and guiafenisen. No wheezing, chest xray was okay. Some dizziness but could be from sinus congestion. O2 sats are great during the day when up, moving and coughing. As soon as i lie down at night, drop to 96-97% but when I start to doze, i feel short of breath and my heart starts racing. O2 sat drops to 90%. Now I’m afraid to lie down and sleep.

Age: 51
Medications: Compounded hormone replacement, iron, omeprazole, magnesium, baby aspirin, multivitamins
General Information: Reflux. Nothing else to speak of.

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  1. Hi,
    You are doing well in my opinion .
    And you O2 saturation is still ok even at night, you are bit anxious ,your reflux can cause heart racing in presence of bronchitis, ,you can just sleep on high elevated back and do some yoga before sleeping,keep going on your drugs, avoid excess carbs before bed and take a vitamin c supplement.

  2. Hi
    You are already on all the required medication, next step would be oxygen mask, however from your other problems I can say that you have trunk obesity, if are able to lose 50 % of your trunk weight you will be almost normal again, you need to avoid eating just one meal per day, instead try eating a snack every 2 hours
    Good Luck

  3. Try doing deep breathing exercises after recovery. Use a small lungciser to prevent lung collapse and increase the vital capacity of lung.Keep a watch on your saturation. Reflux too can cause small aspiiratons in lung leading to pneumonia. Oxygen saturation below 90 %while sleeping can be dangerous.It can cause respiratory and cardiac failure.You may need supplemental oxygen .Consult your doctor and discuss this.
    Keep your head elevated while you sleep Take care!

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