Developed some sort of rash overnight, what can it be?

Good day I wanted to let my time look out the I have got over night. can they assess what it is supposed to be?I was already today with the doctor could not say anything. otherwise no complaints. so it just came over night and at the hand I have also a little.
Medications : None

3 Comments on “Developed some sort of rash overnight, what can it be?

  1. Hi
    This looks like contact dermatitis, did you sweat too much at night?
    If no itching or fever is found simply warm shower can ease it up
    Good Luck

  2. Hi..
    It looks like Allergic reaction causing Contact Dermatitis..
    Can you please tell that is the rash itch or is painful?
    Any other associated symptoms?

    Please revert back..


  3. Hi,
    This is either due to shaving with some different tool, dryness or contact dermatitis.
    Try washing throughly with water and if they persisted then get back to me.

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