Considering my symptoms and tests, do I still have IGT (Impaired glucose tolerance)?

I am 52,male,with p r of china origin, now residing in Australia. I am in normal weight with the bMI 21.I have got mild elevated total fat, and mild fatty liver, but very good blood pressure of 75 and 130.I have got one uncle in my mother side died of severe diabetes complications for type 2 with obesity.I have done three ogtt tests because of in normal fasting glusto around 5.6.the results are as follows: fasting gluesco,between 5.4-5.8,latest 5.4,one hour after 75 gram loading, very high about 12-13,latest 12.9.two hours,8.5 to 10.4,latest 8.5.insulin testing, fasting 7 miu,1 hour,80,2 hours,153.fasting c-petite is 3.04 to 4.2,with latest 3.04.the two antibody,gad,IA2 are all negative, and 4 hba1 c are 5.6 to 5.8 with latest 5.8.For over three months, I have got the following symptoms, related,1,very strong thirsty, day and night, drinking a lot of water.2,passing urine very quickly, around one hour and less than half an hour after drinking some coffee and tea, twice at night ,with large amount.3,very easy to feel hungry, and having a lot of food4,feel very tired, easily fall asleep ,especially in the quiet main questions are as follows, according to the test results and symptoms,any insulin resistance?2,i wonder if I am still diagnosed IGT and IFG ,because two hours less than 11.1,or diagnosed as type 2 diabetes because 1 hour continuous over 11.1 with additional symptoms? 3,according to present situation, any treatment necessary and what can be available. Hopefully can get the answers to all these questions before seeing the specialist. Thanks a lot.
Medications: None

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  1. Hi

    From your tests you have tendency to having diabetes so I recommend taking Metformin, however you mentioned having BMI of 21 which is not the ideal way to know if you are at risk of becoming diabetic, instead I recommend measuring your waist hip ratio as you need to achieve a waist hip ratio of 0.9 or less to make sure you never become diabetic, in other words lose trunk weight and maintain current hip weight

    Good Luck

  2. Hi..
    Right now you are not diabetic but is in a prediabetic phase..
    So do not worry too much as stress can further be an additive factor to cause diabetes..
    You need dietary modifications and regular exercise..
    Consult a Diabetologist once for further follow up..

    Hope this helps..

  3. Hi,
    These results mean you are marginal prediabetic, which means you can help yourself by starting to lose your extra abdominal fat, exercise regularly and take metformin regular basis.
    We can not consider this a IGT but there is problem with glucose use by your body..
    The hba1c is marginal also it should be lower by as i told you losing extra fat and exercising.

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