Clean a Hairbrush – Your old Toothbrush can help?

Clean Hairbrush

Clean a hairbrush is essential because the tools you are using on your hair need to be hygiene so it will not cause any hair problem with bacteria particles that stays on your hairbrush and transfer to your skin. 

There is no particular time to clean your brush; it depends on the type of products you are using daily. If you used styling creams or gel so you could clean your brush once a week, but if not, then you can clean your hairbrush every 2 to 3 weeks.

Steps to Clean a Hairbrush:

You need just a few items, and it doesn’t take much time if you become habitual to clean your hairbrush. 

  • First, you need a bowl of warm water 
  • A gentle shampoo of your choice
  • baking soda (it’s optional)
  • scissors
  • Your old toothbrush
  • rat tail comb (optional)

Clean Hairbrush

  • Remove Hair

Take any pointed object to take out the inches from the base. You can use the scissors to cut the tangled strands as well.

  • Dip and shake

Take a bowl of warm water to add some drops of shampoo or use baking soda. Dip and shake your hairbrush into the mixture several times. 

  • Use a toothbrush for extra cleaning.                                                           

You can use a toothbrush to scrub your hairbrush to remove the dead particles from it. 

  • Rinse and dry

Once you have done, rinse it with cool water and leave it to dry. 

With these steps, you can clean your brush and protect your hair from massive hair loss.