5 Comments on “Can you help me read my MRI arthrogram?

  1. Hi
    It is really unclear, however my opinion it is a rotator cuff tear
    Good Luck

  2. Mostly I see a torn tendon of the supraspinatus tendon just a minimal tear ,that should be correlated with upper AND lower slides ,symptoms..

  3. hi,
    this is either rotator cuff tendinitis or a partial / complete tear.
    Need to see the preceding sequential images to confirm.
    The head also has altered marrow density in some areas.
    Needs to be corelated clinically.

  4. Would u please provide all the sections , also the image is. Not clear,
    Please upload another one,
    Is there any swelling, hotness, redness, limitation of movement?

    Waiting for your reply

  5. Hi..
    It looks like there is a tendon tear in Rotator cuff group of muscles.
    In simple words it is rotator cuff tear..
    Although the scan is not clear, so please upload a clear scan for better examination..

    Hope this helps..

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