Can you explain this report of CT SCAN of part of the brain?

Can you explain me this (attached report) report in detail.
This is the report of a CT SCAN of part of the brain.
It says a wedged shaped hupoattenuation in the left occipital lobe is noted with faint areas of hyper density with haemorrhaging transformation. On contrast there is no obvious filling defect notes with Venus sinuses.

Thank you

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  1. Hello. Looks as though there is a wedge shaped area that is higher in density than the surrounding area in your brain. There also was a possible sign of faint hemorrhaging which may have caused the higher density spot.. Most higher density spots are a result of hypercellular lesions, intratumoral calcification, and intratumoral hemorrhage. But all other findings are OK. It could be a lesion. So a specialist – neurologist should exam the results along with your symptoms for diagnoses and decide what is the next step to take. In simple terms: There seems to be an unusual spot in that part of the brain. Not sure what it is. Only a specialist can answer that. Your Doctor should be able to direct you to a specialist who will exam the radiologist’s comments and notes, exam your symptoms and history and provide you with a diagnoses and recommendations.Regards.

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