5 Comments on “Can transplant be considered for someone whose kidneys have not yet failed?

  1. hi,
    transplant is always the last option.
    even if the kidneys fail,the serum urea and creatinine levels,if go extremely high,then only transplant is recommended.
    dialysis,is a better option.

  2. So the medicine should be changed , and not to remove the kidney
    As long as his kidney profile is doing fine,
    Kidney transplantation is a v serious matter and should be reserved … A person can live with a quarter kidney, don’t waste the kidney for a sake of a medication,
    Plz tell me the other medication he is taking and the other illness he is having

    Waiting ur reply

  3. Can you please clarify the full medical status of the patient?
    What medications is the pt receiving ?

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    First of all please make it clear that is the patient suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease and if yes what is the stage?
    Also if it not CKD then what kidney ailments does the patient due to which he is unable to take medication..
    For which unrelated illness does the patient require medication please name it and also mention the medications.
    What is age and sex of patient?

    Please provide the following so that I can advise you appropriately..

    Hope this helps..

  5. Hi
    Yes it can but first what is the GFR?
    Transplant is not a perfect solution unless it is a last option
    Hope you show me your GFR to give you a better answer
    Good Luck

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