Can Neophrotoxicity cause kidney failure, does it require surgery, please elaborate?

with Acetaminophen -and induced Neophrotoxicity, cause accute kidney failure/ injury and requires surgery for repair.? advised cause is between collecting chambers of the kidney and 2 blood vessels come out of one part of the kidney instead of separate origins.effects breathing and swollen legs..advised life threatening without operation..

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  1. Hi
    Glutathione can be used as detoxification agent to help recover from Acetaminophen induced Neophrotoxicity , In order to help you do the right choice I need to know the Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) , however till then maintain ventilation and circulation in ICU , avoid hypotensive agents, NSAIDs, antibiotics, radiocontrast.
    Again according to GFR I can tell you if renal replacement will be needed or not
    And the need and effectiveness of surgery
    Good Luck

  2. Hi..
    Can you please upload the reports of renal function tests and GFR so that the condition of the kidneys can be assessed and needs surgery or not can be explained..
    Also is the liver function fine?
    What is the age and sex of patient?
    Any other medical conditions known?

    Please revert back..


  3. Hi,
    So i need to know if kidney damage has happened or not..
    Usually nephrotoxicity by acetaminphen can lead to chronic interstitial nephritis ,but how long was the injury happened? if it was treated in the first 8 hours then it will not cause kidney damage,or failure..
    A GMR ,a blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level
    a blood creatinine level are needed to judge..
    Surgery is not an option ,as medical treatment is of the efficient help
    The antidote to acetaminophen overdose is N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and it prevents liver failure if given early enough.

  4. Is condition life threatening?

    Follow up question : (my question – is it life threatening is what I wrote a fact or fiction??)

  5. The word acute renal failure is life threatening and usually liver failure happens first if renal failure is found,
    So yes it is life threatening

  6. The condition is not directly ife threatening but its complications are fatal and can be life threatening.. what you have mentioned about the treatment options are not relevant

  7. Hi..
    It can be life threatening if not treated and the other organs like liver is not managed..

    So better be careful and get into intensive care..


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