Can I have a stomach bug without vomit or diarrhea?

Can I have a stomach bug without vomit or diarrhea? The last 2-3 days had bad pains extremely nauseas. I’ve been taking zofran because I have a fear of throwing up but I’m not sure without diarrhea what else it could be. I have anxiety but this isn’t my normal anxiety nausea and I’ve been around people recovering from a bug. And will suppressing it with zofran make it worse? I can handle diarrhea but that’s not happening either so I’m confused.

Age: 35
Medications: Zofran Ativan

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  1. Nausea and stomach pain are symptoms that can be caused by a number of conditions. Infections such as – stomach flu- being one of them. Anxiety another. Others can include food poisoning, motion sickness, digestive and gastrointestinal disorders, early stages of pregnancy, etc. Zofran may cause constipation. Since you have a history of anxiety, it may be anxiety related. Best to consult your doctor to determine the cause. Testing will help identify the problem.

  2. Follow up info, def not pregnant, managed acid reflux and managed anxiety for the most part. Just more curious if a bug could be present without all the horrible symptoms and just possibly be mild.

  3. Could be “mild”, in early stage, or symptomatic of other condition. If it were me, I would wait a couple of days, if not better I would consult.

  4. These symptoms could be due to reflux disease,stomach flu.You have history of anxiety so that too is a possibility. Take light food.Avoid fried spicy food.Its best to consult a physician. Take care!

  5. Hello,
    Whatever you are describing looks like irritable Bowel Syndrome. Usually happens due to severe anxiety. Please relax and try to use breathing exercises or yoga as relaxation techniques. If it doesn’t help you may need anti depressants.

  6. Hi..
    It looks more like anxiety related..
    However if you still doubt you can get a stool culture done for confirmation of any Infection that can be the cause..
    You should avoid heavy and spicy meals..
    Take sufficient rest.
    Eat small portions of food every 2 hours..
    Do meditation..

    Hope this helps..

  7. Thank you all for your feedback. I’ve had gastritis in the past. I take nexium too which I forgot to add. Currently struggling with infertility so I guess it’s a long list of reasons. Just never felt it this way before but today it is slightly better. I do meditate and do yoga but need to get more committed. Thank you everyone!

  8. I’m the exact same op. Have bad emetophobia and a mild panic attack triggered by a very bad bug doing the rounds in the family yesterday. I’ve been feeling ill ever since no appetite, bad gas and burping and no vomiting (thank god) not even diahorrea probably due to me taking motillium when it got so bad last night. I wonder is it just the bug that I am getting a mild dose of or possibly anxiety related.

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