Blood clots cannot be broken up, doctors say there is nothing left to do, need second opinion?

My sister had her spleen out, after that she had several blood clots form, they said they cannot break up due to their size and how many their are. She has been on blood thinners for years. She now had an enlarged artery burst and is bleeding internally into the area where her spleen was. They tried to go in through the two arteries where they thought it was bleeding, couldn’t get past the blood clot on one, and the other was not the one bleeding. Basically they say they’ve done what they can. Isn’t there a specialist somewhere that knows how to deal with it? Mayo Clinic also says theres nothing they could do. Shes a 30yr old Female

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  1. In this cases nothing much can be done to treat the bleeding as the blood viscosity is the main probkem and the exact bleeding artery is not known.
    Sorry to say that.

  2. In my opinion regarding the blood clots there is nothing else can be done if clots are every where and blood thinners can not desolve them ,yet they have found a way to transplant coronary artery , so theoritically you can try that for arterys with clots, but practically it can not be done for that many clots
    Only option now is surgical opening in attempt to close the bleeding artery

  3. Ma am
    I can not get it,
    What do you mean by several blood clots, where ???

    If u mean inside the vessels , also i wanna know where??

    Anticoagulants can be a step of managment

    I advice her also you take the pneumococcal vaccine after the splenectomy , its a must

  4. hi
    instead of undergoing blind trials,get CT angiogram of the affected part done.
    this is a non invasive procedure and would pinpoint the exact location of bleeding.
    decision can be taken accordingly. a gastroenterologist and a vascular surgeon can do the job.

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