Bleeding from anus, blood in urine, pain in lower back

i am 51 years of age reason for contacting you is i am pretty worried because i am bleeding from my anus i have to put toilet paper or something there as it seeps out and when i go to the toilet there is a lot of blood in the toilet there are clots in it to the color of it looks like beetroot and i have been passing blood in my urine but it is not as dark as what i have coming from my bowels ,i have had pain in my lower back around my kidneys i know i don’t have a urine infection as i don’t need to wee all the time ,i have been getting jolts of sharp pain on my appendix side of my abdominal area i but i had my appendix out along time ago .about six to eight months ago i was passing blood but it started happening again about 4 maybe 5 days ago i don’t have any pain whilst using my bowels or when i am passing urine i have been feeling very tired and lethargic i have not felt sick like vomiting or anything like that i have been getting a lot of head aches i know its not piles there are no lumps or anything like that at the entrance of my anus when i get the sharp pain on my lower right hand side its a real sudden sharp jolting grabbing pain i haven’t seen a doctor for a very longtime its been years and years till a week or two ago as i hurt my right hand pretty badly its on the mend now though i am not on any medications my only allergy is to horses

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  1. In my opinion you have right kidney stone or cysts and deudenal ulcer due to h.pylori ( upper GIT ulcer )

    I recommend urine and stool tests , ultrasound on right kidney and upper GIT endoscopy
    Good Luck

  2. hi
    this may happen due to cystitis and concommitant ggastrointestinal infection.
    usg abdomen with a endoscopy will confirm the diagnosis.

  3. HI

  4. It seems to me your are suffering a kidney infection and a peptic ulcer.
    You should do urine test and culture to start a suitable antibiotic.
    Upper GI endoscopy us important to diagnose peptic or duodenal ulcers and rule out any more serious condition.
    Do not neglect your symptoms anymore.

  5. hello there
    if the bleeding from anus is fresh red colored,then its due to hemorrhoids.
    if its black colored,then the bleeding is from upper intestinal origin.
    get it confirmed by endoscopy.
    renal stones may be causing blood in urine and backpain.
    get usg done to confirm.

  6. Diverticulosis and polyps is a strong causes fir the bleeding and fir the abdominal pain,
    I reccomend you to do bariem enema .. of barium all through to check the whole pathway of the GIT…

    Stool and urine analysis, and pelviabdominal ultrasiund must be done as well

    Best regards

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