Best Time to Take Creatine | Care Proper


Creatine is one of the effective supplements on which much research has occurred. It’s used to helps with the performance during exercise; intense activities by rapidly producing and increasing the energy level. It is the most used and popular supplement for those gym freaks who want to add extra and fast muscle to their look. Creatine helps to recover between sets. It means that this supplement boosts the recovery speed and increases the time and energy that you can do in a regular workout. That is result leads to gain strength and size faster. It increased by approximately 2 to 5 lbs of body mass during training. Creatine impacts every individual; with the increase of age, creatine’s side effects make the bones and muscles stiff and painful. 

Creatine before Workout:

The best way to level the supplement from muscles is to take the creatine according to body weight, like 5g or 0.3g/kg, four times per day for 5 to 7 days in the starting. After creatine stores are optimized, then a dose of 3g to 10g daily is enough.

Creatine after Workout:

It is said that the best time to take creatine is after the workout; because it then recovers the replenishing of energy used during the training and helps the muscles to keep stores optimized and active for the next exercise.

While there are noticeable benefits to take creatine before and after a workout, it’s also essential to know your body’s acceptance level. So by considering this, the best time to take creatine supplements is whenever it suits your lifestyle best too.