After oral sex I have flu like symptoms, can it be HIV?

I performed oral sex on a women I do not know and do not know her hiv status. A week has gone by and I feel weak have a dry throat and also some thursty on my tongue. I have been worried for the past few days as I feel like I have got the flu but it’s made me think what are the chances of getting hiv

Age: 29
Medications: None

3 Comments on “After oral sex I have flu like symptoms, can it be HIV?

  1. Hi
    It seems like flu since there are no lesions, however I recommend doing HIV antigen test to be sure
    Plus HIV symptoms require weeks not just after 1 week
    Good Luck

  2. Hi,
    You can not know of you have hiv now by symptoms as it takes time to show , do a hiv antigen test is better..

  3. Hi do not worry.It may be common flu.Take antihistamines and warm saline gargles.The symptoms of HIV do not appear so early after a person has contracted the disease. It takes 4-6 weeks.Take up HIV antigen test after few weeks.Take care!