After giving birth I continue to vomit 5 – 19 minutes after eating?

Hi i’m a 25 year old female. I’m trying to find out why i’m always throwing up 5 to 10 minutes after i eat anything. It all started after i left the hopital after i had my daughter. My head twitches sometimes and my right hand twitches then it feels really light and i constantly drop stuff when using my right hand. My right side of my stomach has a dull pain after i vomit and i have lower back pain sometimes and all of this is sudden.

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  1. hi,
    this can be due to indigestion or disturbances in liver functions.
    you should get a usg / CT abdomen along with liver function tests done to confirm.
    get detailed blood investigations with electrolytes,hormonal assay,complete hemogram and vitamin B12 done.

  2. Hi
    You have an intestinal block, did u have C-section? , I recommend consulting a doctor immediately
    Good Luck

  3. This is a medical emergency and needs immediate admission,you must exclude any block in the intestines or diverticula ,, before going to abdominal USG or or upper GI endoscopy.
    feel better soon.

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