After eating greasy food yesterday left side of body aches?

My husband is 46 y.o and after eating greasy food yesterday his left side of his body aches. He hasnt had any health issues as of yet. And his stomach aches him also right where his gall bladder is.I want to know what we can do or what he should take ? He doesnt want 2 go to the emergency room.
Please tell us what you think it might be.

Age: 46
Medications: Noro, gabbypattin
General Information: Gall bladder aches

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  1. Hello. Pain could be due to a number of causes. Any pain which may be heart related such as stabbing pain, pain that radiates up the left arm, towards jaw or back requires immediate medical attention. Immediate medical attention is also required if there is dizziness, blood pressure problems, rapid heart best. After eating a rich or greasy meal, the pain maybe be excess gas, gastritis, hiatal hernia or other gastrointestinal problem . Treatment is dependent on problem. If excess gas, pain will resolve by itself. If pain persists, further investigation will be required.

  2. Hi.
    After eating greasy heavy meal there can be excessive gas formation leading to stomach pain, fullness, belching etc.
    You can give him Simethicone syrup for relief.

    But if the pain is radiating to left arm, back, jaw along with sweating, weakness, shortness of breath etc you should immediately consult an Emergency room and get checked for any cardiac issues..

    For now keep a watch..


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