Admitted to hospital with recurring stomach pains, would it warrant staying off work?

I am a 37 year old female who is overweight I have IBS and suffer from depression. I have just returned home from being admitted to hospital with recurring stomach pains, while in hospital I was given Morphine, Codeine and Paracetamol and diagnosed with a Peptic Ulcer. I have been sent home with Codeine and Paracetamol for the pain and Omperazole to reduce avid and help my stomach heal. This is the second episode of intense pain in a week, I was sent to the out of hours doctor 7 days ago with the same symptoms and given Omperazole to take, the pain stayed for a few days then started to ease up, however it flared up again a week later with intense pain and that’s when I was admitted to hospital. My stomach is still very sore and tender, so my question is would it warrant staying off work because I have a stomach ulcer? I work in a Special School with children with behavioural problems and it is very stressful and often quite physical.

NB I have previously had H. Pylori and had the irradiation treatment for that, when I was re-tested I tested negative.

Other medication I take regularly
Citalopram 30ml a day for depression (this has recently ((3weeks)) been increased from 20mg)
Gaviscon double action tablets as required
Transnemic Acid for heavy bleeding during menstruation.

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  1. Hi and thank you for posting your question to question
    In my opinion it is not necessary to get off work at all.
    You just need to maintain healthy stomach diet alkaline and high in fibers without citrus and caffeine .
    Lose weight by regular exercises and yoga will help you control stress ..breathing exercises can help you throughout your work day to reduce stress.
    Speedy recovery wishes.

  2. In my opinion you will be given few days not more
    I think you should take more time off if you can
    Good Luck

  3. Hi
    you do not need total work off but if possible a few days of rest can help.
    take healthy diet associated with protein supplements.
    do not eat spicy / junk food.

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    i would recommend you to stay off work for a minimum of 10 days untill you come out of all the symptoms or else there are high chances of recurrence.
    you can get a usg abdomen presently done to rule out underlying cause

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