A year ago I found a large lump top of my right breast?

My name is (…) and I am 19 years old. I gave birth 3.5 years ago, and that was the only time I needed medical attention in my life. A year ago I found a large lump, about 2 inches long and half an inch wide, in the top of my right breast. I have no medical insurance, therefore no doctor will see me. I also cannot get a mammogram because I am so young. I don’t know what to do. I am worried sick and constantly exhausted. All I ever want to do is sleep. I’ve been eating healthy and I cut pop out of my diet, however I still just don’t feel right. Please help me.

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  1. Hi..
    You should specify your symptoms more details please ..
    What other symptoms you have ?
    Did you lose weight or did the lump increase in size?
    What its color is and how does it feel?
    Have you did self breast lymph nodes palpation?

  2. I am really sorry for the terrible circumstances that r in now, it’s obviously affecting you and putting u in an anxious state,
    But let me tell you that mammography is v imp to be done , try to find a way to solve the medical insurance issue , u need investigation and tests and to be physically examined

    Do u feel pain in this area, any lymph nodes enlargement under the armpits , any discharge from the nipple , the skin over the skin how it looks like, is it increasing in size or not ??? R u on any medication now. Or before??

    Waiting for your reply

  3. Hi
    Since you described no other symptoms like lymph node inflammation or nipple discharges or pain, so it is highly likely it is benign (nothing serious) however if size changes you must see an oncologist
    Good Luck

  4. hi,
    if it is painless and if there are no palpable lymph nodes,then i do not feel that the lump is significant.
    sometimes,blocked lactating glands and ducts cause milk to accumulate giving it a feeling of a lump.
    However,thorough examination by a doctor and mammogram / high resolution ultrasound is a must.

  5. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    Well, a clinical examination by a Physician or a Gynaecologist and also a Mammogram is a must to rule out the cause of lump formation..

    Although it can be a non cancerous lump if not associated with any other symptoms but it is always advisable to get evaluated thoroughly..

    Hope this helps..


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