A rash has developed on hands, chest, belly and feet?

It seems that I have a rash that has developed in the past week or two. It is on the inside of my forearms back of hands, on chest and belly, and on my feet. It is not itchy and does not discharge puss. I do have psoriasis however that is only located in one area of my body and this feels very different.

Age: 31
Medications: N/A
General Information: no i have not seen a doctor about this as i currently live in the US and do not have medical insurance or the funds to pay for medical insurance

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  1. Hello. Do you have any other symptoms. Fever, pain, itching? Do you have any allergies?

  2. No other symptoms. Not itchy, no fever, no pain. As far as allergies, I only have food allergies to coconut and shellfish.

  3. This can be due to a number of possibilities. If the rash marks disappear or don’t get worse it is not necessarily a serious problem. However, if they get worse and become painful, or don’t go away you should consult. It can be eczema – an inflammatory reaction that may be related to sweating and skin irritation also due to allergies. If so, try to keep the skin moisturized and apply an over the counter steroid cream. Can also be a heat rash, which occurs with sweating and can lead to small red bumps. Keep the areas clean and it will resolve soon. Can also be due to an allergic reaction to shellfish or coconut. If it disappears and returns, you should consult. Thank you for your question.

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    It can be most probably due to allergic reaction as you are known allergic already..

    Other causes can be Miliaria that is due to blocked sweat ducts.

    It can also be due to skin irritation with any skin cosmetics..

    So first of all you should get it checked to rule out the exact cause of it and then appropriate treatment can be done..

    For now keep the areas clean, use petroleum jelly to keep lubricated, do cool compresses to see if it improves..

    Hope this helps..


  5. Hi
    As you mentioned you do not have fever so there is no infectious cause.
    It could be due to allergy or eczema
    Autoimmune conditions can also cause such rash
    Its best to get investigated.
    Consult a physician soon
    Take care

  6. did you see a doctor? what was that? I have the same rash

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