I’ve got a wrist and palm injury in my right hand?

I’m 19, Female
i’ve got a wrist and palm injury in my right hand
Doctor gave me ” No-Dol Codeine ” and ” Brexin ” Medications for pain
the cause of my injury : i was riding last Monday on longboard with a high speed and i fell quite hard on my hands, which i tried to brace my fall with both hands.
i went to see many Doctors some of them said that i broke my wrist ( right hand ) and some said that i bruised my hand..
ive already put Crepe Bandage yesterday at the hospital – Thursday- in the morning but after 3 or 4 hours it gave me a sharp pain and my hand become like a balloon so i removed the Bandage and i put it again gently
i felt relieved ..
I hope someone help me please , and Thank you!

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  1. In my opinion there is no evidence of fractures ,just contusion and mild a possibilty of ligament strain.
    Use ice packs..wrist support splint ,and local topical anti inflammatory gel.
    This may take 3weeks to get better.use OTC analgesics and start hot packs after a couple of days.

  2. Hi
    There is a pale line that seems like cracked fracture unfortunately it can be misdiagnosed, some would say fracture other not, so I recommend repeating x ray 1 week after initial injury which can show with no dought if it is fractured or not, until then I recommend a one week cast
    Good Luck

  3. I believe there is a fracture in the carpal bones.. it may needs upto 3 weeks to appear in the x ray..

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