Question: 52 year old woman with parathyroid adenoma

I’m a 52 year old women in pretty good health. I just found out I have a parathyroid adenoma and several nodes on my thyroid. I had kidney cancer several years ago (healed with surgery) and then a couple years later, melanoma was found on my back over my spine about the size of a fifty cent piece. It was removed. I just had a doctors app with an Endocrinologist and he said because I was over 50, he wouldn’t remove the adenoma. I’m confused. Why would it be okay to leave the adenoma, especially with my history with cancer?

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  1. hi… you are absolutely right

    considering the history you have, you should get it removed and send it for histopathology to see for any malignancy.

    But, considering your age, such surgeries carry huge amount of risk. discuss it with your doctor beforehand

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