5 year old daughter has leg pain, doctors suggested Haematology &. Serology?

My daughter is 5 years old and having problem of pain in legs doctor suggest for two tests 1. Haematology 2. Serology
As per doctor result is not good esr is 44 and aso titre is 400. What i have to do for my daughter. Is there any treatment or something alse please help me

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  1. hi
    these reports are not expected at this age.
    the root cause of such deranged blood reports should be found.
    a detailed examination by a paediatrician is recommended.

  2. In my opinion you should wait for blood tests results , for now it can simple muscle strain
    Nothing much can be done untill we see blood results

    Good Luck

  3. The main cause rising ASO titre in ASOT test is the tonsillitis disease especially for children of ages under 15 years old, but ASO level in blood can be elevated by many other diseases as post post-streptococcal complications such as:
    Ear infection
    Guttate psoriasis
    Peritonsillar abscess
    Rheumatic fever
    Scarlet fever
    So you should wait until the test results appear.

  4. It could be a simple growing pain …

    ESR is a prognostic test not diagnostic
    ASO titre doesnot mean that there is rheumatic activity

    Let me ask you
    prescribe for me the pain
    Site, character, severity, when it mostly happens, affected parts or joints , what increases it and what decreases it, and was it followed by tonsillitis, what did you do to her to relief the pain, and its effect, associated with any new skin lesions , discoloration, any abnormal movements…. Is there is limping???

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