5 Comments on “Question: 21 weeks pregnant I’ve got reddish ring circles…

  1. hi..these seem to be skin infection or allergic reaction.
    apply local cream. if doesnt resolve, u should consult a dermatologist.
    before applying cream or taking any medicines, consult your gynecologist to find out if the medicines are safe for the baby.

  2. No drug is considered 100% safe to use during pregnancy. Always better to check first

  3. your lesion looks like a skin infection caused by a fungus or it can be an allergic contact dermatitis…but as your history is incomplete regarding allergy,you should consult a dermatologist as early as possible before using any creams or lotions…more importantly as you are pregnant…many home remedies( lotions or creams ) can exacerbate your symptom or can harm your baby…best thing is to keep the area clean and dry and avoid any allergens like ornaments if any chance is there for allergy…..dont ever use any medicine without consulting a dermatologist and informing about your pregnancy

  4. to add on,it can be an insect bite reaction too..so please be sure about a possiblity of insect bite also while consulting your dermatologist

  5. i agree, if a minor reaction, it will show signs of resolution within 3-5 days. any kind of infection should not be taken lightly at this stage of pregnancy.

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