14 year old, heart burns, acid reflex, stress, out of breath, can this be cancer or stress?

Im 14 years old I have been having abdomenal pain (around my belly button and a little up ) and nausea for the past 4 years This all started 4 years ago the day of my maths exam ..I am not allergic to any foods not medications but my mother,brother and I suffer from migraines.I have done several tests for urin faeces and for lactose these came out all negative but the faeces one came a little bit over the normal amout ( I don’t have any blood with my faeces or anything) so the doctor recommended a colonoscopy and the stomach one (I’m sorry I don’t know what it is called) the stomach one came normal and the colonoscopy showed a little swelling in the large intestine which the doctor said that they don’t know the reason behind it .. so my doctor recommended that I cut all milk products,cheese and eggs which isn t really making a difference. I also have un regular periods I have only had 3 periods in two years and my obgyn scheduled an ultrasound. I suffer as well from stess I stress for the slitest things .. since then I have been having these Heart burns and what I think is acid reflex no kind of medication worked (my father also suffers from hurt burn and acid reflux), dizziness from the smallest things like people walking and when I stand up (my doctor said that it might be low blood pressure) and since I have scoliosis i have a back brase which I think causes me to when I climb a flight of stairs I have no oxygen and can’t breath . Sometimes when I am on the bed my hearth starts racing like I after a race (my mother has heart problems since she has a hole in her heart) . So my question is if you are familiar with my case and if you have any idea of what I have?can this be cancer or is it stress? Thanks for your time ?

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  1. Hi and welcome to careproper.com
    This is absolutely not cancer…
    You are over stressed with some issues that is not big…
    You need to avoid lactose products for your lactose intolerance..
    Practice yoga and meditation ..
    Do physiotherapy for your scoliosis.
    And go on with the US for checking the cause of late periods..
    Lose extra weight if you have them
    ..stay assured nothing to worry..

  2. hi,
    i do not think this is cancer or any other major disease. relax. meditation and yoga can help reduce anxiety.

    Take anti anxiety tablets

  3. HI

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